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Violetta is a musical TV series for young people of Argentine production. Its first season premiered on May 14, 2012. The film’s main character is a girl named Violetta who has her own music band; she is played by Martina Stoessel.

The TV series was created by Disney Channel in cooperation with Pol-ka Producciones. The filming started in fall 2011 and lasted for 7 months. The major part was filmed in Buenos Aires. Due to its insane popularity, the series has been translated to 13 languages and aired in 41 countries.

In one of the interviews, the director of Pol-Ka Producciones, Adri?n Suar, officially announced the third season.

Violetta - series release dates 3 season
3 season 79 episodeEpisode #3.7905 February 2015
3 season 69 episodeEpisode #3.6922 January 2015
3 season 68 episodeEpisode #3.6821 January 2015
3 season 55 episodeUna verdad salio a la luz, una canción05 December 2014
3 season 54 episodeUna amenaza, una canción04 December 2014
3 season 53 episodeUna decisión apresurada, una canción03 December 2014
3 season 52 episodeUna verdad, una canción02 December 2014
3 season 51 episodeUn error, una canción01 December 2014
3 season 50 episodeUna reconciliación, una canción28 November 2014
3 season 40 episodeUna mentira ha terminado, una canción17 October 2014
3 season 39 episodeUna estrella esta triste, una canción16 October 2014
3 season 38 episodeTodo por un amor, una canción15 October 2014
3 season 37 episodeUn amor está en peligro, una canción14 October 2014
3 season 36 episodeUna mentira está por terminar, una canción13 October 2014
3 season 35 episodeUna mentira al descubierto, una canción10 October 2014
3 season 34 episodeUn secreto, una canción09 October 2014
3 season 33 episodeUn por amor, una canción08 October 2014
3 season 32 episodeUna decisión, una canción07 October 2014
3 season 31 episodeUna mentira que crece, una canción06 October 2014
3 season 30 episodeUn casamiento, una canción03 October 2014
3 season 29 episodeUna renuncia, una canción02 October 2014
3 season 28 episodeUn peligro, una canción01 October 2014
3 season 27 episodeUna unión, una canción30 September 2014
3 season 26 episodeUn desamor, una canción29 September 2014
3 season 25 episodeUn problema, una canción26 September 2014
3 season 24 episodeUn disfraz, una canción25 September 2014
3 season 23 episodeUna boda, una canción24 September 2014
3 season 22 episodeUna desilución, una canción23 September 2014
3 season 21 episodeUna muerte, una canción22 September 2014
3 season 20 episodeUna gira que lo cambió todo, una canción22 August 2014
3 season 19 episodeUna charla, una canción21 August 2014
3 season 18 episodeUn enfrentamiento, una canción20 August 2014
3 season 17 episodeUna noticia, una canción19 August 2014
3 season 16 episodeUna rivalidad, una canción18 August 2014
3 season 15 episodeUn problema, una canción15 August 2014
3 season 14 episodeUn reencuentro, una canción14 August 2014
3 season 13 episodeUn romance esta mal, una canción13 August 2014
3 season 12 episodeUna decisión apresurada, una canción12 August 2014
3 season 11 episodeUna inauguración, una canción11 August 2014
3 season 10 episodeUna inauguración, una canción08 August 2014
3 season 9 episodeUna rivalidad, una canción07 August 2014
3 season 8 episodeUn problema, una canción06 August 2014
3 season 7 episodeUn nuevo romance, una canción05 August 2014
3 season 6 episodeUna desilusión, una canción04 August 2014
3 season 5 episodeUna cita, una canción01 August 2014
3 season 4 episodeUn romance, una canción31 July 2014
3 season 3 episodeUna bienvenida, una canción30 July 2014
3 season 2 episodeUn cumpleaños, una canción29 July 2014
3 season 1 episodeEpisode #3.121 September 2015


Jorge Nisco, Martín Saban, and Matías Risi are the TV show's directors.

Main cast includes Martina Stoessel (Patito Feo/Ugly Duckling), Diego Ramos (Amas de Casa Desesperadas/Desperate Housewives, La Ecuación de Dios/God’s Equation), Jorge Blanco, Mercedes Lambre, Alba Rico, Lodovica Comello, Diego Dominguez, and others.


The plot unveils around the story of a young girl named Violetta. She is a daughter of a rich man who has spent her childhood away from home. Her father decides on going to Europe following the tragedy which has taken his wife.

The family returns to their home city of Buenos Aires when the girl is 15. Having inherited a gorgeous voice from her mother, Violetta likes singing a lot, which is why she decides to enter the music academy. There, she makes lots of friends. As the girl's heart is still vacant, she soon acquires her first love. Violetta has to go through her breakup with the loved one, confrontation with her rivals, and a storm of new emotions.

Interesting Facts

The leading actress Martina Stoessel can play the piano, dance, and sing. She herself has voiced more than 20 songs which were recorded particularly for the TV show. In spite of being a laureate of multiple prestigious awards and the success of Violetta, the actress does not act in a 'star' manner.

There has been a monthly magazine bearing the same name in Spain, Argentina, Italy, and Chile since 2012, which is dedicated to the TV series. Curious details, interviews, and photos are published in it.

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