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Teen Titans GO! Season 3 Release Date

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Will the fans of the animated series Teen Titans GO! see the season 3? Has the series been cancelled or renewed? What are the official news from the reliable sources on the Teen Titans GO! season 3 release date?

Teen Titans GO! - series release dates 3 season
3 season 39 episodeThink About Your Future23 June 2016
3 season 37 episodeHistory Lesson09 June 2016
3 season 35 episodeOperation Dude Rescue: Part One/Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two30 May 2016
3 season 34 episodeRad Dudes with Bad Tudes26 May 2016
3 season 33 episodeWally T19 May 2016
3 season 32 episodeObinray12 May 2016
3 season 31 episodeArms Race with Legs05 May 2016
3 season 30 episodeFinally a Lesson28 April 2016
3 season 29 episodeBottle Episode21 April 2016
3 season 28 episodeBatman v Teen Titans: Dark Injustice28 March 2016
3 season 27 episodeThe Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic25 March 2016
3 season 26 episodeBeast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck and It's Bad17 March 2016
3 season 25 episodePyramid Scheme15 February 2016
3 season 23 episodeThe Cruel Giggling Ghoul11 February 2016
3 season 22 episodeSecret Garden21 January 2016
3 season 21 episodeGarage Sale14 January 2016
3 season 20 episodeSquash & Stretch07 January 2016
3 season 18 episodeThe True Meaning of Christmas03 December 2015
3 season 17 episodeTwo Parter: Part One/Two Parter: Part Two25 November 2015
3 season 16 episodeBlack Friday19 November 2015
3 season 15 episodeBBBDAY!12 November 2015
3 season 14 episodeAnimals, It's Just a Word!05 November 2015
3 season 13 episodeScary Figure Dance29 October 2015
3 season 12 episodeA Farce23 October 2013
3 season 11 episodeGrube's Fairytales22 October 2015
3 season 10 episode40%, 40%, 20%21 October 2015
3 season 9 episodeThe Fourth Wall20 October 2015
3 season 8 episodeAccept the Next Proposition You Hear19 October 2015
3 season 7 episodeHey You, Don't Forget About Me in Your Memory10 September 2015
3 season 6 episodeI'm the Sauce03 September 2015
3 season 5 episodeSpice Game27 August 2015
3 season 4 episodeCroissant20 August 2015
3 season 3 episodeDignity of Teeth13 August 2015
3 season 2 episodeLeg Day06 August 2015
3 season 1 episodeCat's Fancy31 July 2015


About Teen Titans Go!

The popular animated TV show Teen Titans Go! is broadcast on the American channel, Cartoon Network. The series’ creators are Aaron Horvath (also known for Mad) and Michael Jelenic (who was involved in the creation of Thundercats). Both creators are also the show’s executive producers, along with Sam Register (such shows as DC’s World’s Funnest and The Tom and Jerry Show are on his count). Teen Titans Go! is something like a sequel for Teen Titans, a popular show that was airing on Cartoon Network between 2003 and 2006. Its plot is based on the DC Comics story about Teen Titans, a team of superheroes. While the predecessor series, Teen Titans, saw its revival as a Sunday morning show in 2012, Teen Titans Go! premiered on the channel in April 2013. Voiceover for Teen Titans Go! is done by such actors as Scott Menville, Greg Cipes, Tara Strong, Hynden Walch, and Khary Payton.


The plot of Teen Titans Go!

While the story of Teen Titans is focused on the superhero team and their exploits (such as fighting the villains and saving the world), Teen Titans Go! aims at depicting the lives of teenage superheroes in their everyday life situations. What do teenagers do when they are not supervised by the adults? They involve in school fights, deal with bullying, are trying to win the dodgeball tournaments, or have to take the driver’s test anew (after they smash the Batmobile). Just the usual stuff.


Teen Titans Go! – seasons 2 and 3

The second season of the show was out on the CN channel on 5th June, 2014. Season 2 was accepted well by the audiences, and, in February 2015, the show was renewed along with a bunch of other series (a total of 10), such as Sonic Boom, Adventure Time, Clarence, and Regular Show. They all will be out again in 2015–2016. There has been no official release date announced, but we expect the 3rd season of Teen Titans Go! somewhere in 2016.

Are you watching Teen Titans Go!? Are you excited to see the third season?

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2016 Teen Titans Go! Season 3 Episode 35 - Operation Dude Rescue Part 1

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