Some Assembly Required Season 4 Release Date

Some Assembly Required Season 4

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Some Assembly Required is the situation comedy, which is made in Canada especially for kids. Earlier you will have an opportunity to see the season premiere, which appeared in June in the year of 2015, but now the 4th one is available. The Some Assembly Required 4 Season release date is the 5th of April this year.



The cast of Actors to this serial will surprise you at all. So here you must be ready to see such people:

  • Kolton Stewart and Harrison Houde.
  • Sydney Scotia and Charlie Storwick.
  • Travis Turner and Dylan Playfair.
  • Ellie Harvie and Phil Hayes.
  • Chelsea Miller and Nils Hognestad.
  • Russell Roberts and Paul Lazenby.
  • Darcy Hinds and Abby Ross.
  • Jedidiah Goodacre and Paula Shaw.
  • Ben Wilkinson and Jessica McLeod.
  • Dante Lee Arias and Michasha Armstrong.
  • Connor Beardmore and Ryan Beil.
  • Lisa Bunting and Jessie Fraser.
  • Stefano Giulianetti and Ryan Grantham.
  • Jean Hamilton and Mike Kovac.
  • Zoe Mandell and Christopher Martin.
  • Jade Lily Miller and Krista Rand.
  • Michael Robinson and Bruce Salomon.
  • Jena Skodje and Reese Alexander.
  • Alex Dafoe and Kai Dolmans.
  • Trevor Lerner and Jamie Maclean.
  • Darren Mann and Vanessa Morgan.
  • Christine Reade and Emily Tennant.
  • Ombu Ance and Ray Boulay.
  • Morgan Brayton and Keith Dallas.
  • Gig Morton and Alex Rose.

The serial is directed by Siobhan Devine, Milo Shandel, Ken Friss, Raugi Yu, Howard Nemetz, Steve Wright. It is produced by Tim Gamble, Alexandra Raffe, Dan Signer, Sally Dixon, Nathaniel Moher, Richard Bullock.


That serial will present you Jarvis Raines in the Main role. He is a boy under the 14 and he became a toy company CEO. As the results of the actions, which you can watch in the previous seasons, his chemical laboratory was exploded and now he decided to make some new things in order to make his business profitable. Here you will see, how he with help of his colleges designed the new toys and try not to make a lot of mistakes, which will be very hard to change.


The running time of each new episode is approximately 22-23 minutes.

You can use the following information when you need to name the season air date.

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