Feed the Beast  Season 2 Release Date

Feed the Beast  Season 2 Release Date

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Did you like the first season of the new TV criminal comedy Feed The Beast? Then you will like to find out that AMC has already prolonged this new TV series for the second season.

Feed The Beast season 2 release date was scheduled by AMC for June of 2016. There is no an official confirmation about Feed the Beast season 2 release date on Bluray and DVD.

Feed the Beast  - series release dates 1 season
1 season 10 episodeFire02 August 2016
1 season 6 episodeThe Wild West05 July 2016
1 season 5 episodeGimme a T28 June 2016
1 season 4 episodeSecret Sauce21 June 2016
1 season 3 episodeScrew You, Randy14 June 2016


The Main role in Feed the Beast season 1 episode 1 is performed by David Schwimmer known from the cult TV series Friends and American Crime. Jim Sturgess received the recognition for the excellent role played in the blockbuster Cloud Atlas and the criminal movie 21. Evan Leone is another famous TV star who take part in this project.


This is the Story of two young people involved in a joint effort, one of them is working chef, another taster wine. Currently, the companions are in a difficult life situation and only coordinated work and mutual support are able to get them back to normal life.

The Main character named Tommy a little less than a year ago, lost his wife Rie, and it was not just death, but the violent murder in front of their son, TJ, the boy from that time is in a difficult emotional state and did not utter a word.

Then things got much worse in the restaurant where they worked Tommy and his future friend Chef Dion, the fault of the second case of fire and completely burned institution.

Since then, Tommy works as a laborer, he began to drink a lot, now the wine is not just a professional interest to him. They began to drop in home care agencies, threats to take away the child. So Tommy and Dion decide to open your own restaurant, to improve the situation.

Interesting Facts

  • The filming process is run by the director Daniel Attias on account of his fiction series House MD and the crime drama True Detective;
  • The TV series is based on the Danish TV series' Bankrupt (Bankerot).

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