The First 48 Season 16 Release Date

The First 48 Season 16

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The Dead Files is a TV serial with paranormal elements, which was created in America in the year of 2011. Here you will see homicide detectives, which try to find the reasons for solving paranormal problems. Here you will see the 11th season premiere of the serial. The Dead Files 11 Season release date is the 4th of September this year.


This serial will amaze you with the ideas of episodes. But also you must pay attention to the people, who work under it as Actors. So the cast will be the next:

  • Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi.
  • Amy Allen and Matthew Anderson.
  • Elvis Restaino and Linda Zimmerman.
  • Evan and Benny.
  • Moses Farrow and Jeffrey Haveson.
  • Sandi K Shelby and Amanda Imler.
  • Mike James and Isaac Kramer.
  • Chriss Lyon and Randy Whited.
  • Jeremy Connors and Alexandra Prince.
  • Susan Shorter.

The directors of the serial are Rob Rosen, Rob Traegler, Emily Webster. Among the producers, we must mention Joe Bradley, Rob Rosen, Ross Kaiman, Jim Casey, Laura Hoeppner, Philip Abatecola, Brian Kniffel, Tracy Weatherby, Desma Simon, Oliver Becker, Ilana Gordon, Matt Edwards, Tova Kaplan.


In this season of the serial in the center of attention, you will see Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan. Together they work for ages under the investigation of different locations. Their Main aim is to know everything about paranormal activity and its consequences.

You must know, that they are two individuals, each of them is very hard-working. At the end of each episode, they discuss their findings in order to understand the facts and to make conclusions.

In each season Amy has the save investigation style. She believes, that it helps her to be successful and to find new and very important information. And Steve really appreciates it.


Pay attention, that such serial is made only for people of adult age. Kids aren’t allowed to watch it. Here a lot of unexpected events and actions will appear, so you wouldn’t be dull. If you have free time, watch the serial from the beginning and you will have the best emotions ever.

Each new episode is about 45 minutes, so it is rather easy to watch. When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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