Hardy Boys Mysteries Season 1 Release Date

Hardy Boys Mysteries Season 1 Release Date

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Spike Industries currently produces the TV series for the young audience about the adventures of Hard Boys.  Hardy Boys Mysteries season 1 release date was scheduled for the very beginning of 2017. Let’s wait for the official confirmation about Hardy Boys Mysteries season 1 premiere on Bluray and DVD.

Hardy Boys Mysteries  - series release dates 1 season
1 season 10 episodeWhat Happened at Midnight05 August 2017
1 season 9 episodeThe Great Airport Mystery29 July 2017
1 season 8 episodeThe Mystery of Cabin Island22 July 2017
1 season 7 episodeThe Secret of the Caves15 July 2017
1 season 6 episodeThe Shore Road Mystery08 July 2017
1 season 5 episodeHunting for Hidden Gold01 July 2017
1 season 4 episodeThe Missing Chums24 June 2017
1 season 3 episodeThe Secret of the Old Mill17 June 2017
1 season 2 episodeThe House on the Cliff10 June 2017
1 season 1 episodeThe Tower Treasure03 June 2017


Maxwell Faber, Kyle Wheaton, Colin Flanagan are young actors who will appear in Hardy Boys Mysteries season 1 premiere. Brandy Lee Kersting, Brian Sutherland, Jeffrey Arrington, Destin Bass and Brian Butterfield will also appear in the episodes of the show.


In the reboot of classic Hardy Boys Mysteries’ book series, brothers Frank  & Joe Hardy initiate to apply on new adventures as they're faced with riddles in Bayport – their interesting and full of mysteries home town. With the assist of great friends  & their world-famous detective father, they must use their skills to fix substantial mysteries which arise near the town & build a name for themselves as detectives.

Interesting Facts

Hardy Boys Mysteries season 1 release will consist of 10 episodes;

The show is produced in Portland, Oregon;

With the exception of the original series (the first 58 books), the storyline develops from narrative to narrative, and most of the works are linked. The plot is divided into several book series, coming in different time intervals. In each series, in addition to individual investigations, there is an antagonist with whom Frank and Joe are struggling throughout the cycle: crime syndicate Jill Hunter, terrorist cell "Assassins," etc.;

Beginning with the book series founded in 1987, Frank and Joe used a firearm and are investigating the murder, the first investigation of the murder - the death of Iola Morton. Sami works have become more violent, no longer broken down into chapters and illustrations was in them.


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The Hardy Boys Mysteries Season 1 Episode 1 The Mystery of the Haunted House

The Hardy Boys Mysteries Season 1 Episode 9 The Mystery of the Flying Courier

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