I Love You…But I Lied Season 3 Release Date

I Love You…But I Lied Season 3 Release Date

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I Love You…But I Lied is a unique Lifetime Movie Network narrative dramatization arrangement airing in the United States.

I Love You…But I Lied season 3 release date was scheduled by Lifetime Movie Network for December of 2016. Currently there is no news about the release date of I Love You…But I Lied season 3 on Bluray and DVD.

I Love You…But I Lied - series release dates 2 season
2 season 21 episodeFramed06 April 2016
2 season 20 episodePremature30 March 2016
2 season 18 episodeAddicted16 March 2016
2 season 17 episodeScandal06 April 2016
2 season 16 episodeFull Service14 April 2016
2 season 15 episodeHardcore03 February 2016
2 season 13 episodeSick30 December 2015
2 season 12 episodeDenial03 February 2016
2 season 11 episodeHeart23 March 2016
2 season 7 episodeManslaughter13 January 2016
2 season 5 episodePromotion20 January 2016
2 season 3 episodeHookUp13 January 2016
2 season 2 episodeGone06 January 2016


I Love You…But I Lied season 3 episode 1 will include Kathy Keane, Michael Selditch, Nandita Chandra, Janie Brookshire, Christian Frazier, Bridget Gabbe, Manini Gupta and Julia Haubner. Executive creators of the TV show are Michael Selditch, Todd Hurvitz and Laura Fleury, the dramatization docuseries appeared in the US on April 8, 2015.


Enlivened by genuine occasions, every scene of I Love You… But I Lied season 3 episode 1 uncovers two stories of individual double dealing. In each story, lies unwind, meetings blast, outcomes are endured and corrects are endeavored. In this new arrangement, all independent scenes are enlivened through consistent with life entertainments that give a take after narrative experience.

Hannah is a mid-30's woman supposes she's at last found the ideal person, with the exception of a choice from her past turns into an obstruction that she can't overcome. In the second story, Jordan has a mystery that could imperil his family's lodging business, and the mystery uncovers a significantly greater misleading that could obliterate the whole family. Upcoming scenes incorporate genuine records of pregnancy outrages, twofold life admissions, faulty paternity and shocking undertakings.

Interesting Facts

  • The six-section first season of I Love You…But I Lied debuted on April 8, 2015, while the second season was reached out to 19 scenes and was discharged on December 30, 2015;
  • On April 8 TV show was debuted and quite successfully;
  • I Love You…But I Lied season 3 premiere depends on a hit Dutch arrangement Behind Closed Doors and is created by LMN Original Media. Laura Fleury, Jennifer Wagman, Daniel Laikind, Patrick Moses and Michael Selditch are official makers;
  • I Love You… But I Lied is an American genuine and narrative family dramatization TV program from LMN channel which is right now airing its second season in the United States. The show filled docuseries originates from Original Media, the generation studio behind such TV ventures as Swamp People, King of Dirt and Dual Survival.

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