Person of Interest Season 5 Release Date

Person of Interest Season 5 Release Date

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Person of Interest season 5 premiere is still an action-American television series “Suspect”. The series is at first was launched on September 22, 2011 on cable channel CBS & the second season started on September 27, 2012.

Person of Interest season 5 release date was scheduled for May 03, 2016. But there is no news about the release date of Person of Interest season 5 on DVD and Bluray.

Person of Interest - series release dates 5 season
5 season 13 episodeReturn 021 June 2016
5 season 12 episode.exe14 June 2016
5 season 11 episodeSynecdoche07 June 2016
5 season 10 episodeThe Day the World Went Away31 May 2016
5 season 9 episodeSotto Voce30 May 2016
5 season 8 episodeReassortment24 May 2016
5 season 7 episodeQSO23 May 2016
5 season 6 episodeA More Perfect Union23 May 2016
5 season 5 episodeShotSeeker16 May 2016
5 season 4 episode6,74124 May 2016
5 season 3 episodeTruth Be Told10 May 2016
5 season 2 episodeSNAFU09 May 2016
5 season 1 episodeB.S.O.D.03 May 2016


The cast of Person of Interest season 5 includes American actors Jim Caviezel & Michael Emerson. Taraji Henson  & Kevin Chapman were in the premiere seasons of the show. Jim Caviezel is best recognized for the role of Jesus Christ in the sensational movie of Mel Gibson.


In Person of Interest season 5 episode 1 you will see the events in the United States after the disaster 11 September 2001, the millionaire Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) has created a special program which may keep follow of possible terrorists & to apply timely evaluates to avert new attacks. It soon became obvious the fact that the machine is able to predict  & a trivial offense, but it turned out the fact that the government isn't interested in the option & intends to use the invention just to combat terrorism.

Then Finch goes to John Reese (Jim Caviezel), a former Special Forces soldier & CIA field agent, officially presumed dead. Reese Finch offers cooperation, he agrees  & begins to conduct an investigation at the behest of program. The machine prints the human social protection involved in the alleged offense & the characters of series "Suspect" are making every effort to avert it. We got a program Finch has certain disadvantages: it merely indicates which a particular individual is connected with preparing a crime, but never specify in what capacity. Named machine individual may be a victim  & an attacker, which is why of what Reese  & Finch are sometimes initially on the wrong follow.

Interesting Facts

  • The founder of idea & the writer of Person of Interest season 5 premiere became Jonathan Nolan;
  • In the series one of the regular characters becomes a government agent Samantha Shaw, who has appeared in few episodes of second season;
  • During the initial two seasons of TV series "Suspect" shows consistently high viewer rating outcomes: an average of each series gathered at screens of 14.5 million audience;
  • Person of Interest deals with firm Bad Robot release for CBS television;
  • The viewer rating outcomes of series are high enough to continue filming new episodes;
  • At the current time, season 5 is going to comprehend just 13 instead of 23 episodes. Every week two episodes will be released on the channel CBS.

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Person of Interest Season 5 Release Date Person of Interest Season 5 Release Date Person of Interest Season 5 Release Date

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