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The Last Ship Season 3 Release Date

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There is some information about the new season of The Last Ship. What do you expect from the third season of this popular TV series? What surprises should we wait from The Last Ship season 3?

The Last Ship stands for an U.S post-prophetically calamitous show TV series that stands for as of now airing on the TNT in the United States. The drama series was made by Hank Steinberg. Initially the show was composed by William Brinkley’s novel published in 1998. The series is created by Channel Road Productions, Platinum Dunes and TNT Original Productions, and official delivered by M. Bay, J. Bender, B.Fuller, H. Steinberg, S. Kane and J. Mostow. Season 1 of The Last Ship debuted on TNT on June 22, 2014.

The Last Ship - series release dates 3 season
3 season 13 episodeEpisode #3.1313 August 2016
3 season 12 episodeResistance10 August 2016
3 season 11 episodeLegacy28 August 2016
3 season 10 episodeScuttle21 August 2016
3 season 9 episodeParadise14 August 2016
3 season 8 episodeSea Change31 July 2016
3 season 7 episodeIn the Dark24 July 2016
3 season 6 episodeDog Day17 July 2016
3 season 5 episodeMinefield10 July 2016
3 season 2 episodeRising Sun19 June 2016
3 season 1 episodeThe Scott Effect19 June 2016


The 13-scene season 2 of The Last Ship debuted on TNT in the US on Sunday, on June 21, 2015. The main season of the show turned into one of TNT's most noteworthy appraised unique dramatization series averaging 4.43 million aggregate viewers for each scene. The initial two scenes of season 2 (which were broadcast consecutive) did marginally more terrible getting just 2.94 million viewers. How about we perceive how the appraisals change as the season advances.


The storyline of The Last Ship spins around the team of the USS Nathan James as they urgently hunt down a cure for a destructive infection that has wiped out the greater part of the world's populace. The boat is captained by Commander Tom Chandler (played by Eric Dane). The Last Ship additional stars are A. Baldwin, R. Mitra, C. Parnell, C. Elmore, S. Spruell, Travis and Tracy Middendorf.


The way before its September 6 season finale, TNT has officially reestablished The Last Ship for the third season. The news shocked no one, on the grounds that the activity experience dramatization series as of now positions as the mid year's #1 scripted series on satellite TV with key grown-ups, averaging 2.95 million aggregate viewers for every scene. A third season of The Last Ship will comprise of 13 scenes and it is slated to debut next summer. Since the TNT channel is yet to plan the definite release date of new scenes, seek out us for the most recent updates on the show.

Release date of The Last Ship season 3 will happen somewhere in 2016.

Do you like this show? Do you want to watch new episodes? What is your favorite character?

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