Rod The Stormtrooper Season 1 Release Date

Rod The Stormtrooper Season 1 Release Date

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According to the creator’s (Rod Panaflex) official page, Rod The Stormtrooper season 1 release date has been planned for September 13, 2016. To be precise, 5 episodes have been already released on YouTube so technically in September we will watch the second part of the first season of Rod the Stormtrooper. Surely, there is no chance for now that there will be Rod the Stormtrooper season 1 release date.

Rod The Stormtrooper - series release dates 1 season
1 season 5 episodeEpisode X - The Force Wakes Up07 December 2016
1 season 4 episodeEpisode IX - Rod Gets Fit23 November 2016
1 season 3 episodeEpisode VIII - George Uses a Payphone09 November 2016
1 season 2 episodeEpisode VII - Rod and George Go Camping26 October 2016
1 season 1 episodeEpisode VI - Rod Gets Evicted13 September 2016


Rod The Stromtrooper season 1 episode 6 will have such cast Mike Delisle, Cailey Muise, Simon Delisle, Brian Reilly, Matthew Neville, John Elios, Cheryl De Luca, Brad Schinkel, Crystal Garcia, Jonathan P. Michaels, John-Paul McKessock and Manfred Dannemann.


Rod the Stormtrooper is a progression of comedies that take after Rod Panaflex, an over-fanatical Star Wars fan who is a top-positioning individual from the Stormtrooper Core. Rod's Main goal is to serve the Emperor and advance Star Wars franchise. He tends to consider his central goal excessively important.

Interesting Facts

  • The creator of this web series launched the crowd-funding campaign on the service IndieGoGo and it was quite successful;
  • Rod The Stormtrooper season 1 was initially propelled with three scenes in August of 2007. With truly no financial plan, and just a Sony Handycam to film on, we could make 3 scenes that truly got people groups consideration, and earned about a large portion of a million perspectives throughout a year;
  • In 2008, 4 prequel episodes were discharged finishing Rod Panaflex his time in school, and his dropping out with Patrick Fitzpatrick, who was as of now, his closest companion;

At that point the arrangement was closed in fall of 2009 with a 27-minute HD continuation of the first set of three that wrapped up the Story as Rod and Patrick at the end of the day got to be companions.

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