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Uncle Grandpa: Season 3 Release Date

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Was Uncle Grandpa among the 10 shows that were renewed by Cartoon Network? When will Uncle Grandpa: season 3 premiere? Were there any official announcements from the channel’s administration regarding the new episodes of the popular animated show?

About Uncle Grandpa

The animated comedy show Uncle Grandpa run on a large American animation channel Cartoon Network. The show’s creator and executive producer is Peter Browngardt (who also was working on Secret Mountain Fort Awesome and Chowder). Curtis Lelash (known for Over the Garden Wall), Jennifer Pelphrey (she worked on Black Dynamite), Rob Sorcher (known as the producer of Ben 10: Omniverse), and Brian A. Miller (Clarence) are the show’s producers. Browngardt turned his earlier work, an animated short (together with The Cartoonstitute studio) of the same title, also a spin-off for Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, into a TV series. The show’s premiere was in September 2013 on CN.

Uncle Grandpa - series release dates 3 season
3 season 28 episodeBall Room17 December 2015
3 season 27 episodeThe Little Mer-Tiger17 December 2015
3 season 26 episodeMustache Tree15 December 2015
3 season 25 episodeNacho Cheese14 December 2015
3 season 24 episodeBack to the Library05 November 2015
3 season 23 episodeFool Moon26 October 2015
3 season 21 episodeUncle Grandpa Retires03 September 2015
3 season 20 episodeBirdman27 August 2015
3 season 19 episodeUncle Grandpa Babies20 August 2015
3 season 18 episodeWatermelon Gag13 August 2015
3 season 17 episodeBottom Bag06 August 2015
3 season 16 episodeUncle Grandpa at the Movies12 June 2015
3 season 15 episodePal.011 June 2015
3 season 14 episodeThe Great Spaghetti Western10 June 2015
3 season 13 episodeWeird Badge09 June 2015
3 season 13 episodeThe Return of Aunt Grandma23 April 2016
3 season 12 episodeHundred Dollar Gus08 June 2015
3 season 12 episodePizza Eve16 April 2016
3 season 11 episodeGuest Directed Shorts21 May 2015
3 season 11 episodeThe Land of the Lost Shadows09 April 2016
3 season 10 episodeOlder14 May 2015
3 season 10 episodeRelaxation Land09 April 2016
3 season 9 episodeAre You Talking to Tree?08 May 2015
3 season 9 episodeSpace Oddity02 April 2016
3 season 8 episodeThe Package07 May 2015
3 season 8 episodeLamestation02 April 2016
3 season 7 episodeThe Fan06 May 2015
3 season 7 episodeThe Uncle Grandpa Movie: Part 201 April 2016
3 season 6 episodeTaco Comet05 May 2015
3 season 6 episodeThe Uncle Grandpa Movie: Part 101 April 2016
3 season 5 episodeUncle Grandpa Land04 May 2015
3 season 4 episodeShower Party26 March 2015
3 season 3 episodeBody Trouble19 March 2015
3 season 3 episodeBack to the Library18 December 2015
3 season 2 episodeNumbskull12 March 2015
3 season 1 episodeDuck Lips05 March 2015


Renewal of the show on Cartoon Network

The second season of the show was out in March 2015. It was renewed for another season at the notable press conference, during which Cartoon Network made an official announcement on continuing Uncle Grandpa, Adventure Time, and 8 more shows in the new TV season of 2015-2016. Most like, it will premiere in Q1 2016.


Uncle Grandpa: the surreal plot

Uncle Grandpa is a unique animated product which consists of 11-minute episodes that feature the main story and visual jokes, cliches, and funny metaphors. Apart from the main characters, Uncle Grandpa (voiced by Peter Browngardt himself) and his friends, the show focuses on other characters in its side-stories. The main idea is the existence of Uncle Grandpa who, as his name suggests, is both grandpa and uncle to all the people at the same time. Every episode, Uncle Grandpa visits children and helps them to solve their problems in the most surreal way. Apart from Browngardt, the actors who voiced the characters are Kevin Michael Richardson, Eric Bauza, and Adam DeVine.


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